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Fast, Easy and

Virtually FREE 

Ribbon Storage Solution


Make your Ribbon Holder in Minutes from NOW

and have your Ribbons Stored Beautifully almost IMMEDIATELY!


    Are you looking for an easy way to store your ribbons?


    Are your ribbons currently all stuffed inside a bag or a box, scrunched and crunched?


    Can searching for the right ribbons for your layout take ages because of the mess?


     Is your current storage too bulky to take with you to a crop or other gathering?


Then you have come to the right the place.


Hi, I’m Sunday,

Let me ask you…




point  Do you want to have ALL your ribbons easily accessible?

    Would you like to be able to just pick up ALL your ribbons and take to a crop with no fuss?

    Would you like to be able to see all the ribbons you have without unpacking, or unrolling?

    Would you like to have ALL your gorgeous ribbons on display with no creasing?


YES?... Well then I can definitely help you!


I can show you how to make your own ribbon storage in minutes and save yourself money at the same time!



"Just brilliant"

Dear Sunday

Today I purchased your E-Book instructions for the Ribbon Organiser. Needless to say I got busy immediately...
... I am quite delighted with this organising tool, I will have a couple for ribbons and a couple (or more) for zippers and tapes which I use a great deal.

[In a second email...]

... I have made a few now and they look so nice hanging all in a row. They are all portable too.
All materials used were already in the house, I did not have to go and purchase anything at all.

Just brilliant, thank you so much for this wonderful Easy Ribbon Organiser.

- Val, Australia



"...I found them really easy to make ..."

"I found them really easy to make, and it was brilliant having all my ribbons to hand, made selection a lot easier, before I used pretty much the first match that I could find because it was a pain to unroll and then reroll if it was the wrong match - if you know what I mean.

"Instructions were very clear...

"Thanks again."

- Dawn, UK


 Really Easy to Follow 

Step-by-Step Guidance


I have written the “Fast Easy and Virtually Free Ribbon Storage Solution” because every time I took my own Ribbon Holders to a ScrapBooking crop or workshop, I had comments as to what a good idea it was, especially when they realised that they could make the ribbon holders themselves for free (as they already had the few household items required at home).


And in conversation with other crafters, I realised there are a lot of people who really want a ribbon storage solution. 


So I wrote the instructions as an ebook and it's available for you right now!  


Within minutes of downloading the instructions you could not only be making the Store & Go Ribbon Holder, but you could be hanging your ribbons up soon after so that you can gaze longingly at the lovely colours… or is that just me!   

Well you bought your ribbons because you liked them… why not have them on display?!  You can with this system.  A really easy to make and use ribbon organizer.


Let me answer some questions you may be asking now…


Question 1: What do I get for my money?

You get a step-by-step manual with full-colour photographs, showing you how to easily and quickly make your own ribbon storage system - the “Store & Go Ribbon Holder”.  It's so simple that you can make it even if you have never made anything else before!  The book also shows you how easy it is to use the Holder(s) for your projects and how easy they are to pack for travelling and includes a FULL CUTTING TEMPLATE.


Fast, Easy and virtually Free Ribbon Storage SolutionHere is the list of contents:


About the Author

What you can store on your Store&Go Ribbon Holder

Where to keep your Ribbon Holders

The Portable solution

The Store & Go Ribbon Holder and your craft projects

How to make your Ribbon Holder

Usage Tips 




Each section is accompanied with lots of full colour photos!  This is a picture book!  It had to be so we can enjoy all those gorgeous ribbons!


How to make the Ribbon ReOrder Ring  FREE BONUS ebook

You will also get the book “How to make the Ribbon ReOrder Ringwhich is also a Step-by-Step guide packed with full colour photographs.


This is a BONUS DOWNLOAD showing how to easily make the “Ribbon ReOrder Ring” to  make the re-ordering/purchasing of more ribbon a breeze!



Question 2: What is the "Store & Go" Ribbon Holder?

It’s a SUPER EXPANDABLE way to store your ribbons, AT VERY LITTLE COST.

It’s called "Store & Go" because you just pic them up from your craft space and go to your crop/workshop, no need for packing into special containers, and when you get there, your ribbons are immediately available… exactly as they are at home.  And you can take them all, no need to decide what ones to leave behind.


The Store & Go Ribbon Holder is for people who don't have, or don't want to have their ribbons on reels! Reels take up a lot of space and if you want to "test" a ribbon on a LO, you have to unravel and then rewind the ribbon each time.


It's for people who don't want to tuck their ribbons into bags or jars, because you often have to tip them all out to get to the ribbon you want and then have to pack them all away again!


With my system you just pick up the holder full of the colour you want... say ... green, and run your hand through the ribbon, pick out the ones to offer up to your craft project for colour matching, etc and keep or discard what works and what doesn't in seconds... then you can cut off whatever length you want and all the time the rest stays on the ribbon holder!


So when you are done, you just hang the Ribbon Holder back where it was.


There is even an area on the holder for keeping really short pieces of ribbon (scraps under 12") so that everything stays together.

And there is also a organizer system to help with identifying  your ribbons for re-ordering, which is included as the bonus download.


I have personally been using this system for my ribbon storage for some time now and it goes with me each time I go to a crop. And I have well over 200 ribbons… I can take them ALL with me!  No folding, no rolling round reels, no re-packing… it’s fantastic!


The system is very easy to make, very easy to use and costs almost nothing! 


Question 3: Why is the book so cheap?

I have kept the price for this product low so that many people can benefit.  My philosophy is to sell many items of a lower priced product, rather than have a high price and only sell to a few! I want everyone to benefit from this excellent product.


Also I don’t want to bundle in loads of freebies that you don't want, you just want the product right?  BUT don’t forget, you ARE getting one bonus… the book “How to make the Ribbon Re-Order Ring” which is also a Step-by-Step guide packed with full colour photographs, written by me to compliment the Fast Easy and Virtually Free Ribbon Storage Solution.


What you see is what you get...  the product you are looking for… for a great price.


Question 4:  Who would use it?

Everybody who uses ribbons, all crafters such as scrapbookers, cardmakers, those who sew, such as seamstresses.


Question 5:  Can it solve my Ribbon Storage problem right NOW?

YES!!  Straight away!

And that’s because…

·       It’s not a bulky system

·       You can keep it (them) on display for enjoyment or keep in a relatively small space.

·       No scrunching of ribbons (as with jars or some other pull-through solutions).

·       You can easily take all your ribbons to crops.

·       Ribbon Storage for little cost.

·       Very flexible in use for choosing ribbons for projects.

·       Expandable storage - easily and quickly make more


Question 6:  Why should I buy the manual (ebook)?

Because you will discover how easy it is to make your own Ribbon Storage, that is so very simple, yet really effective at keeping your ribbons beautifully.

Also because it’s almost free – if you already have the materials (which most people do), then following the step-by-step instructions, by way of a full colour photograph at each step, you can make a single ribbon holder in minutes and have your ribbons stored in only a few more.  And if you buy now you can get started straight away as you can download the book immediately after payment.


Question 7:  Why isn’t it manufactured? (What’s the benefit of making it myself?)

Almost Zero Cost because you make it yourself!

  There is no postage or packing to pay!

  There are no delays receiving the holders.

  You can be making them within minutes of downloading the ebook

  You can have the first of your ribbons stored within the hour.

  No special skills required at all.


And if you only have a few ribbons, you can probably get them all stored within the hour!


…this is assuming you already have suitable materials to hand, and most ordinary households do, let alone us crafters will all our piles of crafting goodies!


You only need 3 standard household/stationery items to make a ribbon holder.


The GREAT thing about this solution being a “Make-it-yourself” product is that as your ribbon collection grows, you can easily and quickly make more, whenever you want!


Question 8:  Why is the Store & Go Ribbon Holder system better than other systems?

   It’s a LOT cheaper than any system you can buy ready made.  If you already have the materials then, and you probably do, then technically, it’s free!!

   It’s better than using jars because all the lengths of ribbon are IMMEDIATELY ready for use, with jars the ribbon you want is nearly always the one at the bottom!  Also when you have finished you simply re-hang your holder, whereas with jars, you have to re-stuff the contents, with all the crushing of your precious ribbons that involves!

  There are pre-manufactured plastic tags for hanging ribbon – these are similar but take up more room…. The cost is a lot more and they are not as flexible on the amount of ribbon per unit and less manageable.



So what does it cost?   What is the VERY LOW price for this package?


A simple, no catch… $7.50  

And don’t forget you are getting the downloadable Step-by-Step Guide


a bonus book too!!  






Many ribbon storage systems cost twice, or three times that and only hold a limited number of ribbons.

My system holds as many ribbons as you want, when you want. 

(I have over 200 metres/yards of ribbons on 9 holders at the moment and it’s still growing! And I can take them ALL with me easily to any crop or workshop)



The $7.50 price tag is for a limited time only, because I have been told I should be offering this ebook for $17.00 (and that's without the Bonus ebook which is worth another $10.00 by itself!) - that would be $27.00!


But to test the market, I am offering the book AND the bonus at ONLY $7.50 (that's a HUGE saving of $19.50!)


So act quickly and you can still purchase at this very low price.  Download your book by midnight tonight, that's  and you can still purchase the book (and it's FREE bonus) all for $7.50, but after that the price may well increase, so act now.


You can order this downloadable product and actually start making the Store & Go Ribbon Holders within minutes... yes, that is right... WITHIN MINUTES you can start making the Ribbon Storage system which took me a while to design and perfect, to make the most of your materials with little or no wastage.


·       You pay no shipping costs.

·       No waiting weeks for ordinary postal delivery.

·       No risk of products damaged or lost in the mail.

·      You get the product at a lower price, as I have less overhead as it is a digital download.

·      You can receive instant access 24/7.  

·      AND there's a Money Back Guarantee

      -  you don't find that on the high street or with pre-made Holders.  


The books are downloadable PDF files, which are readable by Adobe Reader.  If you don’t already have this FREE program on your computer, you can download it from HERE for free.


Also I offer my personal Money Back Guarantee!


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase then let me know and I will give you a full refund.

I am so confident that you'll find this ebook easy to follow and the Store and Go Ribbon Holder to be truly helpful to your RIbbon Storage, that I am offering you a… 

No Risk, No Questions Asked, 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee!



So click the BUY NOW button below for Instant Access
It doesn't matter if it's 2:00 a.m. in the morning! 


Once your payment is approved, you will immediately go to a special download page where you will download “Fantastic, Fast and Virtually FREE Ribbon Storage Solution” ebook along with your FREE Bonus ebook "Ribbon ReOrder Ring".


Click the BUY NOW button for your Instant Download

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Only $7.50


Here’s to your crafting success!


Sunday Lamdin



P.S.  Remember with this INSTANT DOWNLOAD you can get started straight away… no more scattered, crushed, mixed up ribbons!


P.P.S. Remember that you get the FREE downloadable bonus ebook too.

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